Our Water Saver app was named “Best Mobile Service or Smart Home App” by Trophée des Apps in February 2017.

Major players in the digital ecosystem such as Waze, La Poste, SNCF and Fnac were also among the winners of other categories in the competition.

Launched at the last CES in Las Vegas, the Water Saver app, when linked to a water meter, allows you to track and check water consumption from your smartphone.

What are the benefits?

What are the benefits for the occupants? The ability to view water consumption every day. It is also possible to receive automatic alerts if a leak is detected, or if water has been consumed whilst they are away. The app interface is designed in a way that makes it easy to use and fun. The app also offers advice for saving water, and each user can see the savings they have made compared to previous periods.

Who is the service for?

Water Saver is made available to administrators of private or public water systems, and includes access to the app for individuals. We want to support people in their efforts to educate households, so that they are aware of the impact of their behaviour on the environment and on their spending.



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