We invented an innovative solution to meter the production of domestic solar panels for Tecsol, a pioneer in renewable energy in France and Europe.

The challenge

Tecsol wanted to give his worried clients about the maintenance and production of their solar panels, a solution to get data about the state of the panels, the cleanliness and production levels.
We had to take into account the contraints imposed by the users who had to manipulate himself our product. The module had to be robust, easy to use and low maintenance. It had to be also very energy self-sufficiency. Also, the user had to receive the data easily and directly in a device he already use such as a mobile phone.

The solution

We developed Tecsol One the first small scale smart metering of solar panels for consumers. Pluged into the electric meter, it registers the real production of electricity of the solar panel.
Via the Sigfox network, the data sent by our module is linked with information given by Météo France. The level of exposure to sunlight of the area linked to the level of production of the solar panel can indicate the operational state. If the server detects a failure, the user receives an alarm by email or sms.

The result : an optimized use

After several succesful tests on different areas for one year and thanks to its easy use and low cost (less than 200 euros), our module entered the Tecsol range. We equiped more than 300 sites. Today Tecsol One is systematically integrated to the buying process and Tecsol ordered a equivalent destinated to the solar panels for water heating.


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