Odeolis is the leader in short terms maintenance solutions. We developped for him a new and innovative solution to manage charging stations for electric vehicles deployed by his client.

The challenge

The charging stations for electric vehicles are complexe systems including many electronic modules. their maintenance is very important to keep a good relationship with the users and avoid desapointments. Yet, the charging stations are very distant from each others. The employee in charge of the maintenance needs to drive many kilometers to check a good charging station whereas an other one far way needs maintenance. Odeolis wanted a partner to help him in optimizing the maintenance system of his employees, giving priority to failed charging station.

The solution

Connit developped a very personalized solution which “listens to” each station robot and sends several times a day via GPRS a report to the Live M2M platform – personalized as well for Odeolis- at the rate of one message every 15 minutes. Step by step predictive algorithms complete the solution as it can anticipate the failures by automatically detecting first abnormal activities. Now, maintenance technicians in charge of the stations can manage in a much better way their working day and respond to emergencies. Also, the platform manages its own ticketing system which interfaces with the technicians’ calendar.

The result : nearly 300 stations under control, a more efficient maintenance

Since 2015, CONNIT has been equipping more charging stations, and operational maintenance is growing in effectiveness, allowing Odeolis to have a customer service and high quality products. This also helps to reassure users of electric vehicles who can always find a charging station in perfect working nearby !


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