Monaco Marine is a company which owns 6 maintenance and refit yards spread out all over the mediterranean coast. They wanted to develop their service offering by proposing to the yachtmen an innovative mean to remotely control the maintenance of their boat.

The challenge

For us, the connected maintenance project was the first one which allowed the consumers to have an access to the Live M2M platform. They needed a prompt and simplified access. The aim for Monaco Marine was, in one part, to strengthen confidence between them and their clients, to provide them a very high-end service and in an other part, to innovate and take account of the technical stresses due to their environment like the risks of humidity, the energy consumption and the unexpected mechanical problems due the numerous components of the yacht.

La solution

Via GPRS network we proposed to Monaco Marine a connected monitoring solution able to geolocate the boat, which means able to remote monitor weither it has to go in an other yard. It is also able to meter the ambient temperature and detect potential overheats. Moreover, it can send data about the battery twice a day. Our module “Yacht Observer” transmits this data to our plateform where each owner can open his personal account and get the information. This way the interventions are anticipated and optimized.



The result : the connected maintenance within the reach of the consumer

We equiped a dozen yachts with our connected modules while waiting for the equipment of each yacht coming from a Monaco Marine ‘s yard. Our solution allows the yachtmen who mostly live far away from their boat, to be reassured and to be promptly informed about their operational state and to avoid a bad surprise.


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