Launched in late 2016, the Mini range is a complementary solution to the traditional CONNIT range, which consisted of waterproof cases suitable for industrial environments (factories, water systems, etc.)

The Mini range was created in order to make our equipments more suitable for public environments. These products are discreet, compact and ergonomic, and are particularly suited to cramped spaces. They are also very easy to install.

Now two new products are joining the Mini range: the Mini Black One and the Yellow Pulse Mini.

The Yellow Pulse Mini, for example, can be easily installed on electric meters to measure power consumption, warn if an anomaly is detected, and help save energy. Meanwhile, the Mini Black One can be connected to any “all or nothing” signal, in order to, for example, detect the opening of a door or hatch.

These two products complete the Mini range, which already includes the Blue Pulse Mini, which allows you to measure water consumption by simply connecting it to the meter pulse emitter. We also offer the Green Temp Mini, a Sigfox temperature sensor that allows you to measure and remotely track the temperature of any space or surface.

If you require any further details of the Mini range, feel free to contact us.

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