Erwann Mivielle and Pascal Corbillon created CONNIT in February 2012, and Stéphan Guérin and Yann Gabay later joined in 2015 to accelerate its business development and marketing. CONNIT has been, from the beginning, a pioneering start-up in industrial IOT. We are now celebrating our 5-year anniversary. This is an ideal opportunity to revisit some of the highlights of this adventure.

2012 – Birth of the CONNIT project

CONNIT was established in 2012. The company’s first project was to connect advertising billboards using the long-range Sigfox IoT network, in order to communicate potential problems with the advertising system. Evolving within the IOT Valley, Sigfox and CONNIT both became trusted partners.

In order to obtain the “Class Zero” Sigfox certification, CONNIT developed connected products that responded precisely to the network specifications. We developed our first range of connected products: the Live Blue (remote water readings) and the Live Yellow (tracking power consumption).

2013 – CONNIT continues to grow

After developing these first two lines, and aware that the future of IoT was heading towards the ability to store and process information transmitted by connected objects, the founders of CONNIT decided to develop an agnostic IoT platform (Live M2M) in SaaS mode to meet both speed and economy needs, whilst offering a complete solution for collecting and reading data.

2015 – CONNIT nurtures new talent

In 2015, during a “Sigfox training day”, the original founders of CONNIT met Stéphan Guérin and Yann Gabay. They saw them as valuable assets, able to inject new life into the company. Their skills in trade, distribution, digital marketing and data, allowed the company to experience a new dynamic and find new customers.

Together, they then started a confidential project involving gas bottles, which will be launched in March 2017.

2016 – CONNIT speeds up growth

In order to reach a new level, especially in terms of developing new product lines in water management, monitoring energy in buildings and industrial maintenance, we raised funds of 3 million euros from Engie New Venture, the Claire Group and Emertec. In this year, our turnover grew by 300% and we went from 10 to 30 employees. This was also when we started developing the new version of our IoT platform.

2017 – CONNIT celebrates its 5th birthday and continues to advance

In early 2017, CONNIT will be expanding its product range by launching the “Minis”, IoT products suitable for all types of environment and designed to meet both the economic constraints and practices of numerous projects.

Already present in Ireland, Italy and Spain, we now want to accelerate our international development. Early 2017, we exhibited our products at CES in Las Vegas and are laying the foundations of an international deployment beyond Europe.

CONNIT currently has more than 60,000 connected units and we do not plan on stopping when it is going so well…

Stéphan Guérin – Pascal Corbillon – Erwann Mivielle – Yann Gabay


CONNIT @ 2012 – 2017
231 rue Pierre et Marie Curie
31670 Labège