We have set up an ecofriendly and innovative solution to optimize the maintenance and recovery circuit for AJK which is specialized in conception, maintenance and rental equipments like refuse containers or compactors.

The challenge

The compactors are settled in large distances from each other in isolated areas. In a global way, the recovery circuits take a long time and sometimes are useless when the compactor is not full. The employee doesn’t have any mean to know in advance if the compactor is empty or full. The circuits are not optimized and take to much time. AJK wanted a simple, self-contained and economical solution in order to optimize his trash compactors fleet.

The solution

We developed Live Green Compactor, a low energy connected module, ready-to-use which meters in real time the settings of the compactor like the filling level or its operational state. The information are transmitted via GSM or Sigfox network and received on Live M2M plateform. The AJK employees can receive an alarm weither a compactor is full or has a failure so they can intervene more promptly and more efficiently.

The result : a more and more powerful module

Today, around fifty compactors work with Live Green Compactor. The success towards this operation, we are developing a more complete solution integrating powerful algorithms to optimize the recovering circuits all over the country.


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